Saturday, August 22, 2015

Mom Money-Saving Tip 14

Know when to throw it away. If your bananas are too mushy, some people say, “Make banana bread.” I say, “Unless you’re a banana bread fanatic, why bother?” You’re just using up more ingredients and taking in more calories. Or even worse, you let the banana bread molder in the back of the fridge. Toss the bananas (or other food you can't bring yourself to eat) and don’t feel guilty.

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  2. I bother because someone labored to grow the plant and nurture the fruitfulness of the tree. The labor of life. The banana was picked to feed someone. Instead of tossing, I think about how I could plan better next time so as not to be wasteful. Nearly 40 percent of food is wasted. I buy only as many as I'm certain to consume and then have a long list of ways to use the fruit I buy. Put the banana in cereal - hot oatmeal or cold breakfast cereal or granola. Throw it in the blender for a smoothie, add it to yogurt or sour cream, make a banana split or add to a warm crepe and make banana foster. Freeze the banana for future use. Leave one outside your door for your favorite delivery person or mail carrier or anyone who you'd like to give an treat!