Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ingredients Hiding in Plain Sight

Right now my refrigerator is stuffed with food that doesn’t quite add up to dinner: a slice of mushroom pizza, at least one cup of cottage cheese, a huge pan of rice left over from a business meeting, some mushrooms, 2 bell peppers + the usual block of cheddar cheese and several dozen eggs.

I really should pop out to the store or find something in my freezer, but I want to clear out the fridge shelves first.  What can I make from these ingredients?  Click on the links below for the three recipes.

Chinese Fried Rice
Idea #1: Chinese Fried Rice – this dish would take care of the rice, the bell peppers and several eggs + an onion and some frozen peas.  I could add some shrimp from the freezer for more protein.

Clam and Shrimp Quiche
Idea #2: Quiche – this dish would use the cottage cheese and several eggs, and possibly I could add a can of clams or some shrimp.  The rice could be a side.  I could also reheat the slice of pizza, cut it in slivers and serve it like garlic bread.

Idea #3: Cheese Omelet – this dish would use some eggs and cheese + I could also fry the mushrooms in butter for a few minutes to use as a filling.

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