Sunday, May 21, 2017

Argentine Red Shrimp: What Are They and How Do I Cook Them?

Argentine Red Shrimp, also called crustacean shellfish, are wild caught in the Southern Atlantic and have much more flavor than the average shrimp.  They are usually sold frozen in bags, 16-to-20 per pound.  Most likely they will be raw, and their tough shells, which are red, will still be attached.

These specialized shrimp can be hard to find.  I never heard of them until I stumbled across them at the fish counter of Jons Market, a store new to my neighborhood.  Even though their heads have been chopped off, they can be nasty to clean if their large veins (aka digestive tracts) have not been removed. 

At my store they are moderately priced (2 pounds for $9.98), so cleaning them is worth it.  They cook quickly-- just 2-3 minutes--even though they are so big.  You can tell when they’re ready because they will start to curl.

Stir-Fried Argentine Red Shrimp
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