Thursday, July 21, 2016

Question for Mom

My Favorite Gadgets (from bottom left: apple corer, meat thermometer, potato masher, nut cracker, egg slicer, 2 lid openers, cheese slicer, mini-grater, whisk)
Which kitchen gadgets do you use most often and which aren’t worth having?  --George G.

Some people like to have every gadget ever invented, just in case they might need it.  I used to be that person, until my drawers got too full and I could never find the gadget I wanted.  One day I shoved most of them into a box and retired them to the garage.  However, that did not solve the problem.  Friends and family members gave me gadgets as gifts. 

Your question prompted me to retrieve the box and also clean out my gadget drawer.

The picture above displays the gadgets I most use, including my grandmother’s potato masher.
  The other pictures show the unloved, unused ones.  However, the Schneidroller, which shreds raw and cooked vegetables, looks intriguing enough to try again to see if it deserves drawer space.

My final advice: Don’t buy one-use-only gadgets just because they are available.  If they take up drawer space or require more time to wash than the time they save by using them, walk on by.  How often do you need a cherry pitter unless you have a cherry tree in your backyard?

Seldom Used Gadgets (from bottom left: French fry cutter, Mexican wooden whisk for cocoa, blade reamer, pizza cutter, Swiss cheese mill, ceramic grater, corkscrew, potwatcher, tomato slicer, French garnishing cutter, lemon squeezer)
Seldom Used Gadgets (from bottom left: melon baller, garlic peeler, super scraper, Schneidroller, knife sharpener, pineapple corer, apple slicer, poultry shears, mushroom brush)
Seldom Used Gadgets (from bottom left: metal meat tenderizer, wooden meat tenderizer, small scraper, onion holder, spoon to hook onto teacup, pastry blender, ice cream scoop, baster brush, Italian cheese grater)
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